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An Honest Dialogue
About Mental Health

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Scott's mission is to empower people by creating an honest dialogue about mental health through workshops and kick ass talks. It's time to move from awareness to action!

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What They're Saying

From my very first interaction with Scott, it was undeniably clear that he is doing the work he was put on this planet to do. His passion and connected nature shines through so brightly while he speaking to a room of large numbers, just as it does one on one. I’ve been putting on speaking events for a handful of years now, some really big names, and Scott blew them all out of the water."

– Jamie Harvey, Manager of Health & Wellness at Loyalty One

Scott used his sense of humour to be incredibly relatable and remove any discomfort around a topic that is often stigmatized. Our attendees most appreciated his ability to connect with audience members on a personal level while bringing a sense of inclusivity and communal strength to the group.”

– Liam Randhawa, Founder of Project Spaces

Scott Ste Marie gave our office a refreshing and very real perspective on what mental health means, along with some practical coping tools to deal with stress both at home and in the workplace. I would definitely recommend Depression to Expression to any employer looking to educate and help the staff on what is one of the most important issues in the workplace today.”

– Gary Hopkins, CEO of Air Charter Service Canada

Sessions like this help to shed light into this important area of modern society and help to demystify a subject that has traditionally been treated very taboo. The work that Scott is doing through Depression to Expression is not just important but critical to help individuals facing these issues and the family, friends and loved ones who support them. Highly recommended!"

– Jeremiah Brenner – Lead, Corporate Responsibility at Loyalty One

Scott’s insight into human nature helped everyone understand themselves better and from there, how to be happier and in control of their lives."

Audience Reactions

Keynote speaker was extremely engaging and was nice to hear more about mental health, as it is a critical aspect of health and wellness that perhaps is often over looked."

Corporate Audience Member

It takes a tremendous amount of bravery to do what Scott does. He destigmatizes mental illness with humour, style, and a deep undercurrent of compassion."

Miller Williams - D2E Community Member

Do what Mr. Scott said, take a breath."

Senior Kindergarten Student

Scott continues to give me a reason not to give up, not to allow depression to control me... to just keep pushing through. His humanity keeps me going.”

Anilan Hirasen - D2E Community Member

Speaker was very engaging, I really enjoyed his presentation!"

Corporate Audience Member

The info night on social media use and mental health was really informative and we were very happy with the content. This is a presentation every parent should see."

Parent Group

I loved his teaching method by really getting us involved. He makes social media and mental health make sense."

Grade 6 Student

The authenticity of his words motivates me through laughing and tears. His good heart and commitment with mental health goes beyond the screen and microphone - he is a beautiful human."

Diana Zetina - D2E Community Member

I felt like it was more of a conversation. It was better to have us, the audience, engage with Scott instead of him just informing us. I got to understand and really connect with what he was saying."

Grade 7 Student

Videos That Inspire

There are over 700 videos available absolutely free on our YouTube Channel where we discuss ways to flourish in our mental health including help with: Depression, Anxiety, Meditations, Motivation and more.

Depression in Men – Why Don’t We Get Help?

How to Stop Intrusive Thoughts


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Scott presents to grades 7-12 and post-secondary students. Audiences fully participate and are given the tools they need to embrace imperfection.


Having worked at a variety of large organizations Scott knows the stresses that employees face. The workplace can be a place where mental health can flourish if we know how to talk about it the right way.


Mental health starts at home. Parents need to be informed about what mental health truly means and how technology is playing a large role in their child’s development.


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